We are targeting to open a senior loan upsize of Ventra Capital Fund 4 (VCF4) during August 2021.

This fund provides a senior secured loan to a lender specialising in legal disbursement funding. 

Key terms include: 

  • Interest rate of 8.0% per annum paid monthly

  • Undrawn fee of 1.25% per annum (forecast to be fully drawn by September 2022)

  • Loan term of 3 years

  • Subject to existing VCF4 loan covenant package

Minimum investment size $250,000 to wholesale investors. 


Please contact us to find out more about the VCF4 opportunity. 

Previous opportunities

Ventra Capital Fund 1

Type of financing:       R&D tax rebate finance

Date closed:                  January 2018

Matured:                        January 2021


Ventra Capital Fund 2

Type of financing:        Supply chain finance

Date closed:                   April 2018

Matured:                         March 2021


Ventra Capital Fund 3

Type of financing:        R&D tax rebate, invoice finance and other secured lending

Date closed:                   May 2018


Ventra Capital Fund 5

Type of financing:        R&D tax rebate finance

Date closed:                   August 2019

Ventra Capital Fund 6

Type of financing:       Bridging loans backed by legal claims receivable 

Date closed:                  January 2020 

Ventra Capital Fund 7

Type of financing:       Solar panel and battery lease finance 

Date closed:                  April 2021