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There are no current investment opportunities available to wholesale investors. If you would like to learn more about our future opportunities, please feel free to contact us.

Previous Opportunities

Ventra Capital Fund 1

Type of financing:       R&D tax rebate finance

Date closed:                  January 2018

Matured:                        January 2021


Ventra Capital Fund 2

Type of financing:        Supply chain finance

Date closed:                   April 2018

Matured:                         March 2021


Ventra Capital Fund 3

Type of financing:        R&D tax rebate, invoice finance and other secured lending

Date closed:                   May 2018

Ventra Capital Fund 4

Type of financing:        Legal disbursements funding

Date closed:                   August 2021

Ventra Capital Fund 5

Type of financing:        R&D tax rebate finance

Date closed:                   August 2019

Ventra Capital Fund 6

Type of financing:       Bridging loans backed by legal claims receivable 

Date closed:                  January 2020 

Ventra Capital Fund 7

Type of financing:       Solar power purchase agreements

Date closed:                  April 2021

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