What we do

Since the adoption of regulatory changes, Australia’s major banks have reduced lending activity in many areas. This has led to a funding gap now being filled by a number of specialist non-bank lenders. 


Ventra Capital works with a carefully chosen group of these non-bank lenders to provide wholesale investors access to senior secured fixed interest investments.


With every investment there is always a trade-off between risk and return. Ventra Capital’s investment philosophy is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns while protecting investors’ capital.


To do this, we take a multi-step approach to each investment opportunity:

1. Due diligence and research

We undertake an extensive quantitative and qualitative review of the lender and their specialist areas of lending 

2. Security and structure

We build funding structures and covenant packages that provide the required security and controls to mitigate risk 

3. Disciplined approval process

We ensure a unanimous approval process from the Investment Committee comprised of the three Ventra Capital directors

4. Continuous portfolio review

We actively manage and monitor the underlying lender’s portfolios and their credit management processes

5. Transparent approach

We communicate openly and regularly with our investors 


This rigorous approach has delivered consistently high rates of interest with no capital losses across all of our opportunities since inception. 


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