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Our Business

Ventra Capital provides debts solutions to businesses in Australia which exhibit promising growth potential, clear competitive advantages, and are supported by strong management teams. 

With our expertise and extensive network, we will be able to provide financial solutions which are tailored to support the continued growth of businesses in all industries.

Efficiency through knowledge

Ventra Capital is expert in many niche areas of private debt funding. This in-depth knowledge brings efficiency to developing customised solutions to support your business.

Flexible approach

As a boutique provider we have the capacity to be flexible in our approach. We can work with you to develop funding solutions that best-match your lending and cashflow requirements at an interest rate that allows your business to remain competitive.

Access to funds

Our years of experience in banking and funds management have provided us with a large and diverse network of potential fund sources – allowing us to meet your needs when required.

If you consider Ventra Capital could be a good partner for your business, please contact us 

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