Ventra Capital is a company that provides the ability for wholesale/sophisticated investors to access fixed income style investments in the Australian non-bank lending market.


Secured investment opportunities in this alternative lending market have been difficult to access, however Ventra Capital has worked with a select group of non-bank lenders who have specialist origination and monitoring experience in lending segments including supply chain finance, R&D tax rebate finance, invoice finance and other secured business loans.


Since inception in December 2017, investors in Ventra Capital’s four specific funds have received an average interest rate of 9.5% payable monthly on a secured fixed income investment. Maturity dates on these investments have typically been 6 – 12 months with an option for the investor to extend for an additional 12-month period.

Investment opportunity

Since the GFC, changes in the bank regulatory environment in Australia have increased bank capital requirements and led to a contraction in traditional bank lending to businesses. Since the adoption of tighter capital adequacy standards in 2012, Australia’s major banks have reduced lending activity in many areas which has led to a funding gap now being filled by a number of specialist non-bank lenders.

Ventra Capital provides wholesale/sophisticated investors access to the non-bank lending market. We believe that the assessment of credit risk and detailed due diligence remain key in the consideration of non-bank lenders and their specialist areas of lending. We work with each lender to determine a funding structure which provides the required security and covenant package.

The overriding principal of Ventra Capital’s investment approach is protecting our investors’ capital while generating an attractive risk-adjusted return.
Additional features of Ventra Capital funds:
•    Directors of Ventra Capital often invest directly in Ventra Capital funds alongside external investors. To date, the directors of Ventra Capital have collectively invested at least 10% alongside with Investors across all Ventra Capital funds.



If you would like to know more or have questions about Ventra Capital’s private debt investment opportunities, please contact us.  


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