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Ventra Capital is a specialist investment manager offering wholesale investors access to private debt investments in the Australian non-bank lending market.


Senior ranked debt opportunities in this alternative lending market have been difficult for investors to access. Ventra Capital works with a select group of non-bank lenders, who have origination and credit experience in their specialist areas of the lending market, to create opportunities for wholesale investors.


Established in 2017, the Directors of Ventra Capital bring a wealth of skills and experience from banking and funds management to provide investors access to unique investment opportunities. The overriding principle of Ventra Capital’s investment approach is to protect our investors’ capital while generating attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Since inception, Ventra Capital has managed seven separate private debt investments with interest rates from 8.0% to 10.0% per annum, paid monthly.

Alignment of interests

The Directors of Ventra Capital invest directly in Ventra Capital senior debt investments alongside investors. To date, they have collectively invested at least 10% alongside investors across all Ventra Capital senior debt investments.

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